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Table 2 Number of AS events detected per technology, alongside statistical significance of events against distinct thresholds

From: Comparison of RNA-seq and microarray platforms for splice event detection using a cross-platform algorithm

Matched Events
Matched Events Significant in both (R+M+) FDR (RNASeq) FDR (arrays)
6222 1324 4.96e-4 6.23e-4
Expression Threshold Detected Events FDR Expression Threshold Detected Events FDR for significant
Junction coverage > 6 FPKM 2973 2.44e-4 Signal > 50% 1016 1.46e-3
Junction coverage > 2 FPKM 10,617 4.56e-4 Signal > 25% 3297 1.99e-3
Junction coverage > 2/3 FPKM 25,063 6.90e-4 No threshold 7581 4.85e-3
  1. Where thresholds not shown, default filters were employed (junction coverage > 2 FPKM for RNA-seq; upper quartile probe signal for microarrays)