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Table 3 Twelve candidate genes that overlapped with a coding region CG DMR and were previously found to be differentially expressed

From: Parental experience modifies the Mimulus methylome

Gene Function Direction Methylation Direction Expression
Migut.L01898 Cytochrome P450 Down (32%) Up
Migut.L01459 Pectin Lysase Down (43%) Up
Migut.N01808 Pheophytinase Down (24%) Down
Migut.A00087 Thermospermine Synthase Down (44%) Down
Migut.N023227 Homeobox Down (55%) Down
Migut.H00566 Constans-like protein Up (18%) Up
Migut.M01851 B-Box Zinc Finger Up (53%) Up
Migut.J01585 MATE efflux pump Up (61%) Up
Migut.N01811 CCH Zinc Finger Up (25%) Down
Migut.L01164 Sulfotransferase Up (38%) Down
Migut.N0224 LRR-Kinase Up (42%) Down
Migut.N01831 Aspartic Protease Up (47%) Down