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Table 2 Some PPR genes reported in rice

From: Genome-wide analysis of the rice PPR gene family and their expression profiles under different stress treatments

PPR Genes MSU_Locus localization Function of gene Phenomenon of Mutation References
OsPPR1 LOC_Os09g24680 chloroplast play a role in the chloroplast biogenesis albinism and lethality Gothandam et al. Plant Mol Biol (2005)
WSL LOC_Os01g37870 chloroplast affects chloroplast development and abiotic stress response displays chlorotic striations early in development and enhanced sensitivity to ABA, salinity, and sugar Tan et al. Mol Plant (2004)
OsPPR6 LOC_Os05g49920 chloroplast regulates early chloroplast biogenesis and participates in editing of ndhB and splicing of ycf3 transcripts albino leaves and seedling death Tang et al. Plant Mol Biol (2017)
OspTAC2 LOC_Os03g60910 chloroplast plays a critical role in chloroplast development albino and seedling-lethal Wang et al. J Genet Genomics (2016)
OsV4 LOC_Os04g39970 chloroplast plays an important role during early chloroplast development under cold stress albino phenotype and abnormal chloroplasts at 20 °C green leaves and normal chloroplasts at 32 °C Gong et al. J Integr Plant Biol (2013)
OGR1 LOC_Os12g17080 mitochondria essential for RNA editing required for normal growth opaque seeds, delayed seed germination, retarded growth, dwarfism and sterility Kim et al. Plant J (2009)
Rf1a/ Rf5 LOC_Os10g35436 mitochondria restore the fertility via cleavage of atp6/orf79 mRNA. cannot restore male fertility in BT-CMS Wang et al. Plant Cell (2002)
Rf4 LOC_Os10g35240 mitochondria reduce the expression of orf352 and restore the fertility of WA-CMS cannot restore male fertility in WA-CMS Tomohiko et al. Rice (2014)
OsPGL1 LOC_Os12g06650 dual-located in mitochondria and chloroplast involved in both chloroplast RNA editing of ndhD-878 and mitochondrial RNA editing of ccmFc-543 exhibited pale green leaves at all vegetative stages Xiao et al. J Exp Bot (2018)
PPS1 LOC_Os12g36620 mitochondria required for specific editing sites in nad3 in mitochondria delayed development and partial pollen sterility Xiao et al. New Phytol (2018)