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Fig. 1

From: Bead-linked transposomes enable a normalization-free workflow for NGS library preparation

Fig. 1

Bead-based tagmentation reduces insert size variation and normalizes yield. Libraries were prepared from human gDNA (NA12878). a Library yield was determined by Qubit and was directly correlated with DNA input amount for inputs smaller than 100 ng; the beads became saturated at 100 ng leading to normalized yields of around 11 ng/μl. Sequencing of the libraries on a MiSeq system and data analysis by the BaseSpace Whole Genome Sequencing app revealed consistent index representation across different DNA input amounts for multiple users (b) and a median insert length that was slightly smaller at lower DNA input amounts but was consistently around 350 bp for sample inputs of 100 ng and above (c). Libraries prepared from integrated DNA extraction protocols for blood (d) and saliva (e). f Library traces for low DNA input amounts. g There was almost complete overlap in single nucleotide variant (SNV) calls for libraries prepared from 0.5 ng and 100 ng inputs; each library was sequenced on one lane of a HiSeqX with data analysis performed using the BaseSpace Whole Genome Sequencing app and Variant Calling Assessment Tool

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