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Table 1 Transcriptome sequencing and assembly of P. kesiya var. langbianensis transcriptome

From: Transcriptome sequencing of Pinus kesiya var. langbianensis and comparative analysis in the Pinus phylogeny

Sequencing results Assembly results
Total number of raw reads 141,234,042 Total number of unigenes 68,881
Total number of clean reads 133,236,316 Total unigenes length (bp) 56,537,842
Total clean Nucleotides (bp) 11,991,268,440 Contig N50 (bp) 1402
Q20 (%) 98.25% Mean length (bp) 821
N content(%) 0.01% Max length (bp) 15,498
GC content (%) 45.02% Min length (bp) 200