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Table 1 Results of relative expression of sRNAs and their targets in different culture conditions

From: Global analysis of sRNA target genes in Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae

sRNA HSa OSb sRNA target gene HSa OSb
sRNA_30 up MHP_0446 up
sRNA_33 up ugpQ up
hit up
MHP_0431 up
infB down up
sRNA_35 up pdhB up
sRNA_36 up deoB up
sRNA_16 down up rplN up
sRNA_38 up gyrB down down
sRNA_39 up MHP_0217
plsC down
sRNA_14 up rplC down
MHP_0411 down down
MHP_0594 up
MHP_0633 down
sRNA_40 up recA up
MHP_0646 down down
sRNA_41 down up MHP_0342 up
MHP_0357 down
sRNA_4 down down MHP_0025
sRNA_5 down MHP_0476
sRNA_18 down up MHP_0516
sRNA_34 down MHP_0704
sRNA_42 down down MHP_0498
sRNA_37 up
  1. aDifferential expression in heat shock condition in relation to the standard condition
  2. bDifferential expression in oxidative stress condition in relation to the standard condition