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Fig. 2

From: Comparative genome and transcriptome analysis of diatom, Skeletonema costatum, reveals evolution of genes for harmful algal bloom

Fig. 2

Orthologous analysis and Gene set enrichment analysis of common genes of harmful algal bloom, Sc-specific genes, and Sc-duplicated genes. a Venn diagram of sharing pattern of orthologous gene groups. The digit indicates the number of orthologous gene groups. Sc singlet genes represents the number of non-orthologous genes in Sc, and passed to the list of Sc-specific genes. b The number of genes in the orthologous gene groups. First column represents conservation pattern of orthologous genes in S-Sc, T-Tp, P-Pt, V-Vb. For example, STPV has 2798 orthologous group as shown in the panel A, and includes 4375 genes in Sc, 3699 genes in Pt. c Gene set enrichment analysis of the common genes for the harmful algal bloom. d Gene set enrichment analysis of Sc-specific genes. e Gene set enrichment analysis of Sc-duplicated genes

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