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Table 5 Comparison of different extraction kits

From: Metagenomic analysis of viral nucleic acid extraction methods in respiratory clinical samples

Kita Target Specimen type Requirement Starting volumec
Elution volumec
Reagentsb special equipment
VRMK viral RNA Plasma, serum and cell-free body fluids 200 50
MVSK viral RNA, viral DNA Plasma, serum and cell-free body fluids 200 50
RPMK RNA cells, tissues β-mercaptoethanol gDNA Eliminator spin column 200d 50d
RMK viral RNA cells, tissues β-mercaptoethanol 200 50
  1. aVRMK, QIAamp Viral RNA Mini Kit; MVSK, QIAamp MinElute Virus Spin Kit; RPMK, RNeasy Plus Micro Kit; RMK, RNeasy Mini Kit
  2. bNot included in the kit
  3. cIn order to compare the four kits, starting and elution volume must be the same
  4. dRNeasy Plus Micro Kit:maximum amount of starting material (animal and human cells): 5 × 105, minimum elution volume: 14 μL