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Table 1 Domain composition and number of members of 11 subfamilies of 743 TaWD40s

From: Genome-wide identification and analysis of WD40 proteins in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Subfamily name Domain composition Number of members
Subfamily A Only WD40 domain 478
Subfamily B WD40 domain and LisH domain 42
Subfamily C WD40 domain and UTP12, UTP13, UTP15 or UTP21 24
Subfamily D WD40 domain and Coatomer WD/Coatomer (COPI) alpha subunit C-terminus 15
Subfamily E WD40 domain and subunit C of CAF1 complex domains 13
Subfamily F WD40 domain and NLE (NUC135) domain N terminal 6
Subfamily G WD40 domain and protein kinase domain 60
Subfamily H WD40 domain and Beige/BEACH domain 18
Subfamily I WD40 domain and zinc finger domain 17
Subfamily J WD40 domain and breast carcinoma amplified sequence 3 (BCAS3) 6
Subfamily K WD40 domain and F-BOX, U-BOX or domains with unknown function 64