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Table 5 Traits with a significant overlap between eQTL and QTL (within and across RNA-Seq datasets analyses)

From: Comparing allele specific expression and local expression quantitative trait loci and the influence of gene expression on complex trait variation in cattle

Test Holstein WBC Holstein Liver Angus liver Angus muscle All Tissues (meta-analysis) All Tissues (pooled analysis)
ASE MQLDPF*, Multi-Trait* FI_NFI, MQLDPF*, Multi-Trait E_IGF*, MQLDPF*, PW_HIP MQLDPF*, Multi-Trait PW_IGF, X_LWT*, Multi-Trait* FI_NFI, MQLDPF*, PW_HIP, Multi-Trait*
eQTL CRBY*, MQLDPF, Multi-Trait MQLDPF*   FI_NFI, MQLDPF*, Multi-Trait* MQLDPF* MQLDPF, Multi-Trait
ASE + eQTL (meta-analysis) CRBY*, MQLDPF*, Multi-Trait* FI_NFI, MQLDPF* E_IGF*, MQLDPF FI_NFI, MQLDPF, Multi-Trait CMARB*, CRBY, M_SEMA, X_LWT MQLDPF*, Multi-Trait*
ASE + eQTL (pooled analysis) CRBY*, MQLDPF*, Multi-Trait* MQLDPF*, PW_LWT* E_IGF*, MQLDPF* FI_NFI, MQLDPF, Multi-Trait
  1. The traits in which QTL are significantly more likely to be eQTL according to chi-squared tests when comparing GWAS and gene expression results within RNA-Seq datasets analyses (p < 0.05). *The approximate correlation between QTL and eQTL for the traits annotated with stars were significant as well (p < 0.05)
  2. CRBY Carcass retail beef yield; E_IGF Blood concentration of Insulin-like Growth Factor I (IGF-I) measured at feedlot entry; FI_NFI Net feed intake; MQLDPF Tenderness; Multi-Trait Multi trait GWAS test; PW_HIP Hip height measured post weaning; PW_LWT Live weight measured post weaning