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Table 1 Identified proteins with putative defensive roles from anal droplets of Cryptorhynchus lapathi

From: Insect anal droplets contain diverse proteins related to gut homeostasis

Putative Roles Protein names Homologous proteins of Dendroctonus ponderosae
Physical barrier mucin; ZO-1 XP_019757616.1; XP_019771453.1
Wnt signaling pathway CTNNB1; RUVBL1; WNT7; SIAH1; AXIN1; PLCB; CSNK2A XP_019758083.1; XP_019762013.1; XP_019763573.1; XP_019765030.1; XP_019766713.1; XP_019770066.1; XP_019772815.1
Pattern recognition PGRP-LB; Lysmd2; TLP; apoLp; Dscam; Comp; spondin2; Peroxinectin; SCARB1; integrin; C-Lectin; C-Lectin; GNBP XP_019769175.1; XP_019755182.1; XP_019760168.1; XP_019773452.1; XP_019762301.1; XP_019755181.1; XP_019768788.1; XP_019767755.1; XP_019762441.1; XP_019770383.1; XP_019766712.1; XP_019769040.1; XP_019759712.1
Phenoloxidase activation PPO2; iPLA2-gamma; serpin24; H2; P27; P40; P127; P80; trypsin 3A1-like; P128; trypsin-7-like; VSP34; VSP-like; SP K12H4.7; H129; Spn88Ea; P155; P127; H146 XP_019754719.1; XP_019769822.1; XP_019767866.1; XP_019756791.1; ERL89372.1; XP_019771903.1; XP_019768426.1; XP_019772019.1; XP_019767905.1; AEE62374.1; XP_019773738.1; XP_019768627.1; XP_019764390.1; XP_019768322.1; XP_019753952.1; XP_019767187.1; XP_019773128.1; AEE63209.1; XP_019767340.1
Oxidative defence ferritin; transferrin; SOD; PRX; PRX; CAT; NOX5; SOD; Vg XP_019756020.1; XP_019766109.1; XP_019766433.1; AEE61832.1; XP_019771831.1; XP_019760743.1; XP_019771050.1; XP_019769059.1; XP_019765469.1
AMPs none  
IMD signaling pathway Caspar; IMD; TAB2; TAB1 XP_019764393.1; XP_019765010.1; XP_019761007.1; XP_019771893.1
Toll signaling pathway persephone; pelle; TLR7; spz4; cactus; Rnf41; toll; cactin XP_019770363.1; XP_019760028.1; XP_019754070.1; XP_019771425.1; XP_019761667.1; XP_019760096.1; XP_019761038.1; XP_019769310.1
Lysosome pathway uidA; NAGA; uidA; CTSL; CTSB; MAN2B1; LIPA; CTSL; GGA; MAN2B1; E3.2.1.25; SMPD1 XP_019754382.1; XP_019754675.1; XP_019757545.1; XP_019757796.1; XP_019761602.1; XP_019766480.1; XP_019767488.1; XP_019770434.1; AEE61763.1; XP_019771763.1; XP_019772256.1; XP_019772384.1
Endocytosis HSPA1s; HGS; RNF41; HSPA1s; IQSEC; HSPA1s; SH3GL; RAB11FIP1_2_5; DAB2; HSPA1s; EHD1; PSD; RABEP1 XP_019755343.1; XP_019758450.1; XP_019760096.1; XP_019760386.1; XP_019760403.1; XP_019760659.1; AEE62651.1; XP_019760771.1; XP_019765026.1; XP_019765222.1; XP_019767475.1; XP_019770187.1; XP_019772712.1
Phagosome ACTB_G1; ACTB_G1; CTSL; SEC22; ITGB1; CTSL; ACTB_G1; THBS2S; ACTB_G1; HGS; ATPeV1C XP_019754675.1; XP_019755181.1; XP_019757620.1; XP_019758489.1; XP_019758493.1;; XP_019760672.1; XP_019765810.1; XP_019769732.1; XP_019770187.1; XP_019770383.1; XP_019772384.1
Phagosome formation actin; cofilin; SEC22BB; actin; formin; ILK; actin (cytoplasmic); Aip1; Carmil1 XP_019769732.1; XP_019760098.1; XP_019765810.1; XP_019760672.1; XP_019765699.1; XP_019770853.1; XP_019758489.1; XP_019761028.1; XP_019762739.1
Phagosome maturation Rab-3; V-ATPase; Rab32; cathepsin L; Rab14; Rab27A; vps54; kif23; cathepsin B; kif18A; dynein; milt; kinesin 2; cathepsin L1 XP_019769835.1; XP_019757620.1; XP_019753634.1; XP_019772384.1; XP_019761359.1; XP_019755005.1; XP_019762224.1; XP_019759104.1; XP_019757545.1; XP_019759859.1; XP_019756852.1; XP_019771654.1; XP_019761295.1; XP_019754675.1
Phagocytosis regulation Arhgap39; Tbc1d9; Sgsm3; Srgap1; DOCK9; Tbc1d13; abr; Arhgef5 XP_019753574.1; XP_019763036.1; XP_019765184.1; XP_019765347.1; XP_019761336.1; XP_019773504.1; XP_019766889.1; XP_019771636.1
Defense against virus argonaute; Dicer XP_019768859.1; XP_019773735.1
Other chitinase; chitinase; chitinase; chitinase; Etl1 (CG5899) XP_019756484.1; XP_019767256.1; XP_019756184.1; XP_019757751.1; XP_019761024.1