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Table 4 Unique Pathogen Host Interaction (PHI) genes in P1609

From: Comparative genomic analysis revealed rapid differentiation in the pathogenicity-related gene repertoires between Pyricularia oryzae and Pyricularia penniseti isolated from a Pennisetum grass

Protein ID PHI ID Reference Organism Phenotypes
P1609_2497_494aa PHI:115 Cochliobolus carbonum Unaffected pathogenicity
P1609_11506_262aa, P1609_12781_266aa, P1609_4501_233aa, P1609_683_218aa PHI:698 Vibrio cholerae Reduced virulence
P1609_11592_161aa, P1609_4614_892aa PHI:1284 Fusarium graminearum Unaffected pathogenicity
P1609_11335_610aa PHI:1803 Fusarium graminearum Unaffected pathogenicity
P1609_9374_326aa PHI:2394 Fusarium graminearum Increased virulence
P1609_1007_600aa PHI:225 Fusarium solani Reduced virulence
P1609_13007_833aa PHI:1714 Fusarium graminearum Lethal
P1609_3609_435aa, P1609_5044_426aa, P1609_8181_460aa, P1609_960_144aa PHI:1455 Fusarium graminearum Unaffected pathogenicity
P1609_11548_383aa, P1609_5843_397aa PHI:1823 Fusarium graminearum Unaffected pathogenicity
P1609_2665_64aa PHI:1421 Fusarium graminearum Lethal
P1609_2607_206aa, P1609_2608_820aa PHI:3418 Staphylococcus saprophyticus Mixed outcome
P1609_11380_688aa PHI:1809 Fusarium graminearum Lethal
P1609_7767_257aa PHI:317 Aspergillus fumigatus Reduced virulence
P1609_6736_447aa PHI:323 Verticillium fungicola Reduced virulence
P1609_13_169aa PHI:1147 Fusarium pseudograminearum Unaffected pathogenicity
P1609_2376_825aa PHI:1871 Fusarium graminearum Lethal
P1609_10320_326aa PHI:1522 Fusarium graminearum Lethal
P1609_11485_355aa, P1609_2130_433aa PHI:3116 Pseudomonas syringae Mixed outcome
P1609_10203_738aa PHI:1815 Fusarium graminearum Unaffected pathogenicity
P1609_11600_2486aa PHI:2628 Salmonella enterica Reduced virulence, 663
P1609_11388_1000aa PHI:3076 Candida parapsilosis Mixed outcome
P1609_11869_369aa PHI:2375 Alternaria brassicicola Mixed outcome
P1609_5035_383aa PHI:233 Cochliobolus carbonum Reduced virulence
P1609_5702_488aa PHI:1271 Fusarium graminearum Unaffected pathogenicity
P1609_11864_596aa PHI:2380 Alternaria brassicicola Mixed outcome