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Table 2 Location of centromeres and number of haplotype groups present in BPA accessions

From: DAWN: a resource for yielding insights into the diversity among wheat genomes

Chr Start End Size # Haplotype Haplotype Groups
  (Mbp) (Mbp) (Mbp) groups block break  
      points (Mbp)  
1A 160 260 100 2 Xia: 256.967 Group1: Xia, Yit, Exc
      Exc: 258.867 Group2: Kuk, Gla, Wyal, Wes, Bax, H45, Cha, Dry, Pas, RAC, ACB, Vol
1B 180 280 100 5   Group1: Xia
       Group2: Vol
       Group3: ACB, Exc, Als, RAC
       Group4: Kuk, Gla, Wyal, Yit, Wes
       Group5: Bax, Pas, Cha, Dry
1D 146 196 50 2   Group1: Cha, Dry, Exc, Wes, Vol
       Group2: H45, Pas, Wyal, RAC, Xia
2A 270 370 100 3   Group1: ACB, Als, Bax, Dry, Exc, H45, Pas, Kuk, Wyal
       Group2: Cha, RAC, Yit, Gla, Wes, Vol
       Group3: Xia
2B 270 385 115 7 Yit: 379.837 Group1: Bax
       Group2: ACB
       Group3: Xia
       Group4: Wes, Cha, Als
       Group5: RAC, Yit, Gla, Exc
       Group6: Pas, H45, Dry
       Group7: Vol, Wyal, Kuk
2D 220 300 80 3   Group1: Yit, Xia, Als, H45
       Group2: Kuk, Cha, Dry, Pas, RAC, Gla, Exc
       Group3: Bax, Wes, Wyal
3A 240 370 130 4   Group1: Yit, Kuk, Xia, Dry
       Group2: Cha, H45, Bax, Wes, Wyal
       Group3: Gla, RAC
       Group4: Vol, Exc
3B 280 390 110 1   All
3D 200 280 80 2 Bax: 276.588 Group1: Yit, Wes, Bax, Als, Cha, Wyal, Exc
       Group2: Dry, Gla, RAC
4A 245 360 115 3   Group1: Pas, Wes, Yit, H45, Bax
       Group2: Als, Cha, Dry, Wyal, Exc
       Group3: RAC, Gla
4B 270 375 105 6   Group1: ACB
       Group2: RAC, Dry, Kuk, Exc, Wyal
       Group3: Bax, H45, Xia
       Group4: Wes, Gla, Cha
       Group5: Als
       Group6: Yit
4D 194 226 32 4   Group1: RAC, Dry
       Group2: Xia, H45
       Group3: Wyal, Bax
       Group4: Cha, Vol
5A 185 310 125 4   Group1: Als
       Group2: Vol
       Group3: Wyal, Gla, Bax, Dry
       Group4: Yit, Cha, H45, Xia
5B 145 240 95 3   Group1: RAC, Cha, Exc, H45, Dry, Als
       Group2: Wes, Bax, Wyal
       Group3: Yit, Gla
5D 145 245 100 2 RAC: 244.646 Group1: RAC, Gla, H45, Dry, Wes
      Gla: 244.646 Group2: Exc, Wyal
6A 240 355 115 3   Group1: Bax, Cha, H45, Wyal, Wes, Xia
       Group2: Kuk, Als, Dry, Pas, ACB, Yit
       Group3: RAC, Exc, Gla, Vol
6B 270 360 90 2 Exc: 345.417 Group1: Kuk, Xia, Exc, Dry, Wes, Yit
       Group2: Bax, Vol, Als, H45, Pas, Cha, Wyal, RAC, Gla
6D 184 230 46 3   Group1: Vol, Als, Dry, H45
       Group2: Cha, Kuk, Wes, Wyal
       Group3: RAC, Yit, Gla
7A 300 410 110 3   Group1: Vol, ACB, Pas, Wes
       Group2: Exc, Kuk, Bax, Cha, Dry, H45, Xia
       Group3: Wyal, RAC, Yit, Gla
7B 250 315 65 5   Group1: Vol
       Group2: Kuk, Als
       Group3: Yit, Wyal, Exc, Gla, RAC, Wes
       Group4: Dry, H45, Pas, Xia
       Group5: Bax, Cha
7D 300 385 85 4   Group1: Kuk, Xia, Wyal
       Group2: RAC, Exc, Gla
       Group3: Yit, H45, Als, Wes
       Group4: Dry, Bax, Cha (Pas)