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Fig. 5

From: Genome-scale analysis of syngas fermenting acetogenic bacteria reveals the translational regulation for its autotrophic growth

Fig. 5

Translation efficiency (TE) of genes in E. limosum ATCC 8486. (a) A scatter plot of mRNA expression fold change (mRNA) and TE fold change under the heterotrophic condition and the autotrophic condition. (b) Annotation-term network of increased and decreased TE for “biological process”, “molecular function”, and “cellular component”. The node sizes represent associated gene percentages. The color indicates term enrichment significance. (c) A heatmap of RNA fold change (RNA FC), RPF fold change (RPF FC), and translation efficiency fold change (TE FC), from top to bottom. Full RPF and TE data can be found in Additional file 8: Table S8

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