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Table 3 Targets of the NFκB family correlated with Crohn’s a supported by literature

From: Constructing tissue-specific transcriptional regulatory networks via a Markov random field

TF Target gene dbSNP ID Chr. Risk allele
RELA PTGER4 rs11742570 5p13 C
NFKB1/RELA IRF1 rs12521868 5q31 T
NFKB1 SNAPC4 rs4077515 9q34 T
RELA JAK2 rs10758669 9p24 C
REL/RELA SMAD3 rs17293632 15q22 T
NFKB1/REL/RELA GPX4 rs740495 19p13 G
REL/RELA ICAM1 rs12720356 19p13 G
NFKB1 CREM rs12242110 10p11 G
NFKB1/RELA MUC1 rs3180018 1q22 A
NFKB1/REL/RELA SCAMP3 rs3180018 1q22 A
NFKB1 ZPBP2 rs2872507 17q21 A
REL FADS1 rs102275 11q12 C