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Table 2 Top twenty differentially expressed genes (DEGs) that were oppositely regulated by salt stress in IR29 and Pok

From: Comparative transcriptome and translatome analysis in contrasting rice genotypes reveals differential mRNA translation in salt-tolerant Pokkali under salt stress

locus_id log2FC (IR29s/IR29c) log2FC (IRs-PS/IRc_PS) log2FC (Poks/Pokc) log2FCPoks-PS
gene annotation
Os01g24560.1 down (− 2.44) no no up (2.86) fruit bromelain precursor
Os02g03900.1 down (−3.45) no no up (1.92) metal transporter Nramp6
Os01g54910.1 down (−9.57) no up (9.24) no GTP-binding protein typA/bipA
Os02g40730.1 down (−2.15) no no up (2.98) ammonium transporter protein
Os10g39980.1 down (−2.43) no no up (1.86) expressed protein
Os05g02390.1 down (−2.37) no no up (2.81) ZOS5–02 - C2H2 zinc finger protein
Os11g24140.1 down (−2.20) no no up (2.51) plastocyanin-like domain containing protein
Os03g19420.2 down (−5.03) no down (−4.58) up (4.25) nicotianamine synthase
Os03g19427.1 down (−5.62) no down (−5.36) up (3.95) nicotianamine synthase
Os10g31670.1 down (−2.75) down (−4.57) no up (5.21) retrotransposon protein, putative, unclassified
Os02g38920.1 no down (−9.92) no up (2.40) glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
Os06g04460.1 no down (−10.17) up (10.19) down (− 10.49) hypersensitive-induced response protein
Os01g63410.1 no up (2.52) no down (−10.83) expressed protein
Os06g29120.2 no up (2.41) down (−1.99) no STE_PAK_Ste20_STLK.5 - STE kinases
Os07g34589.3 no up (2.58) down (−12.11) no translation initiation factor SUI1
Os08g37790.1 no up (11.81) no down (−11.72) phospho-2-dehydro-3-deoxyheptonate aldolase
Os01g42650.1 up (11.12) no no down (−12.03) cytochrome c oxidase subunit 5B
Os02g52860.1 up (2.24) no down (−2.21) no phosphate carrier protein, mitochondrial precursor
Os03g16950.1 up (2.47) up (3.38) down (−1.88) no cysteine-rich repeat secretory protein 55 precursor
Os05g43570.1 up (9.77) up (10.37) down (−9.57) down (−9.85) AGC_AGC_other_NDRh_TRCd.2 - ACG kinases
  1. Number in parenthood means log2(fold change). Up or down means significantly induced or repressed, respectively. Postfix with “-PS” means polysome-associated RNA