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Table 4 Genomic regions of the JS5 and ND14b genomic clades

From: Genomic characterisation of the new Dickeya fangzhongdai species regrouping plant pathogens and environmental isolates

Clade Genomic region Size of GR (nt) Genes RAST ID Presence of horizontal transfer signature Predicted function Region conserved inc
JS5-like cladea GR1 7033 3204-3211a No metabolism (putative) D. dianthicola RNS04.9
GR2 11,303 3941-3945a No Transport (putative)
  GR3 12,717 4354-4357a No NRPS
ND14b-like cladeb GR4 4729 317-323b No metabolism (putative) Leclercia sp. LSNIH3
GR5 11,197 1736-1746b Yes ICE (partial) D. dadantii 3937
  GR6 11,493 2589-2598b No metabolism (putative) D. dadantii 3937
  GR7 9241 2906-2913b No metabolism (putative)
  GR8 4732 3899-3903b No type I pilus
  1. agenes based on the JS5 Rast ID
  2. bgenes based on the ND14b Rast ID
  3. cthe best hit in BLASTn analysis
  4. Genomic regions found in each of the JS5 and Nd14b genomic clades that are absent from the other Dickeya fangzhongdai genomes are presented. Conserved regions share at least 70% identity over 70% sequence length