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Fig. 1

From: Chronic circadian misalignment results in reduced longevity and large-scale changes in gene expression in Drosophila

Fig. 1

CCM reduces fly longevity. Percent of female (a) and male (b) flies surviving during exposure to either a control (blue) or a CCM (red) schedule over the course of a 40-day experiment. Dotted lines indicate 95% confidence intervals. CCM decreased longevity for both female (14.8% reduction in median lifespan, p = 1.56e-04; Log-rank test; n = 124 for control and 126 for CCM) and male (14.7% reduction in median lifespan, p = 2.65e-07, Log-rank test; n = 125 for control and 120 for CCM) flies

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