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Fig. 6

From: Chronic circadian misalignment results in reduced longevity and large-scale changes in gene expression in Drosophila

Fig. 6

Gene expression changes following 2 weeks of CCM exposure. a Heatmap showing z-score of DEseq2 normalized counts for all genes found to be differentially expressed (at a FDR < 0.1) following 2 weeks of CCM or control conditions. Each condition includes 3 biological replicates. b MA plot for week 2 differential expression analysis. Log2 fold change (M) is plotted against average normalized gene expression (A). Red dots indicate differentially expressed genes. c Expression plots showing normalized gene expression levels for week 2 differentially expressed genes annotated with lipid metabolism functions. Expression levels are shown for both week 2 and week 3 differential expression analysis. Dots represent individual samples. Note that not all genes had statistically significant week 3 changes. Benjamini-Hochberg corrected p values are based on DEseq2 analysis. d Expression plots for other week 2 differentially expressed genes are graphed as in C. NA indicates that the gene was filtered out during DEseq2 analysis due to low count number. e qPCR analysis of CG18609 and CG3739 showing mRNA levels normalized to actin5c expression. Each dot represents a biological replicate and lines indicate means ± SEM. p values are based on ANOVA with Sidak’s posthoc test. n = 3 per group

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