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Fig. 7

From: Chronic circadian misalignment results in reduced longevity and large-scale changes in gene expression in Drosophila

Fig. 7

Large-scale changes in gene expression following 3 weeks of CCM exposure. a Heatmap showing z-score of DEseq2 normalized counts for all genes found to be differentially expressed (at a FDR < 0.1) following 3 weeks of control or CCM conditions. Each condition and time point includes 3 biological replicates. b MA plot for week 3 differential expression analysis. Log2 fold change (M) is plotted against average normalized gene expression (A). Red dots indicate differentially expressed genes. (c) Expression plots showing normalized gene expression levels of canonical core clock genes following 3 weeks of CCM or control conditions. Significantly upregulated genes (at a FDR < 0.1) are in blue and significantly downregulated genes are in red. Dots represent individual samples. (d) Expression plots of genes implicated in circadian rhythm regulation are graphed as in C. All genes in (d) were significantly downregulated by CCM

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