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Fig. 2

From: RiboTag translatomic profiling of Drosophila oenocytes under aging and induced oxidative stress

Fig. 2

Oenocyte-specific translatomic profiling through RiboTag sequencing. a Schematic diagram showing RiboTag procedures. FLAG-tagged ribosomal protein RpL13A was first ectopically expressed in oenocytes. Translating RNAs were immunoprecipitated using anti-FLAG antibodies. RNAs were further purified and used in RNA-seq analysis. b Oenocyte-specific transcript desat1-E highly expressed in anti-FLAG immunoprecipitated sample (IP) compared to the input (whole body lysate). c The transcripts of brain-specific gene Dilp2 was enriched in head samples compared to oenocyte RiboTag samples. One-way ANOVA ( *** p < 0.001, * p < 0.05, ns = not significant). N = 3. d RNA concentrations of various immunoprecipitated samples. ND: Not detected. 200 female flies were used in each condition. Three biological replicates per condition

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