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Fig. 5

From: RiboTag translatomic profiling of Drosophila oenocytes under aging and induced oxidative stress

Fig. 5

Peroxisome pathway is translationally deregulated in aged oenocytes. a Schematic diagram showing peroxisome pathway and the role of each peroxin (PEX) genes. b and c Log2 (fold change) of the expression of PEX genes under aging and paraquat treatment, based on oenocyte RiboTag sequencing results. d and e Log2 (fold change) of the expression of genes involved in other peroxisome functions during oenocyte aging. f-h qRT-PCR verification of three peroxisome genes (Pex5, Pex19, Cat). One-way ANOVA (** p < 0.01, ns = not significant). N = 3

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