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Table 1 Comparison of the GO terms enriched in oenocyte, fat body and liver

From: RiboTag translatomic profiling of Drosophila oenocytes under aging and induced oxidative stress

GO Oenocyte Fat body Liver
Biological Process Fatty acid biosynthesis Fatty acid elongation Oxidation reduction Immune response Protein catabolism Carboxylic acid metabolism Immune response Amino acid metabolism Lipid metabolism Long-chain fatty acid metabolism Oxidation reduction Immune response Xenobiotic metabolism Bile acid metabolism
Molecular Function Oxidoreductase activity Endopeptidase activity Fatty acid synthase activity Fatty acid elongase activity Peptidoglycan binding Oxidoreductase activity Metalloendopeptidase activity Heme binding Oxidoreductase activity Serine-type peptidase activity Lipid binding Heme binding
Cellular Component Peroxisome Proteasome Extracellular region Peroxisome Extracellular region Endoplasmic reticulum
KEGG Pathway Metabolism of xenobiotics Peroxisome Proteasome Ketone body metabolism Unsaturated fatty acid synthesis Glycine, serine and threonine metabolism Arginine and proline metabolism Metabolism of xenobiotics Peroxisome Bile secretion PPAR signaling pathway Retinol metabolism Biosynthesis of amino acids
Protein Domain ELO family Proteasome subunit Peptidase S1, M13 EGF-like domain Serpin family Cytochrome P450