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Table 1 Expression patterns of putative transposable elements at various protocorm-like body (PLB) generations by microarray analysis of somaclonal variations of P. Brother Spring Dancer ‘KHM487’

From: PePIF1, a P-lineage of PIF-like transposable element identified in protocorm-like bodies of Phalaenopsis orchids

Gene Annotation KHM487
4th / original 5th / original 6th / original
Consensusfrom contig1 retrotransposon NDa ND 0.33b
FCTEVCPM_103 Putative retrotransposon polyprotein ND ND 0.47
FEVCPM_022 PIF-like transposase ND ND 0.50
FEVCPM_036 Ty1/Copia retrotransposon ND ND 2.10
EICPS_047 c PIF-like transposase ND ND 2.72
EFCP_7972 c PIF-like transposase ND ND 3.52
FPEAECP015 Transposon protein 0.39 ND ND
  1. a: ND, undetected
  2. b: Relative expression levels in microarray analysis
  3. c: Genes with highly increased expression patterns on the 6th tissue culture generation derived from P. Brother Spring Dancer ‘KHM487’ and were analyzed in this paper