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Fig. 3

From: The genome-wide transcriptional consequences of the nullisomic-tetrasomic stocks for homoeologous group 7 in bread wheat

Fig. 3

The distribution of ratios of gene number (NT/CS; a) and gene expression level (log2(NT/CS); c) for the lowly, mediumly, and highly expressed genes in the NT stocks for group 7 compared with CS. The pink, light pink, and dark pink rectangles represented the subgenome A, subgenome B, and subgenome D, respectively. b Correlation between the expression level and the percentage of up-regulated genes. d The preference of proportion distribution of SDEGs on the tetra-chromosome 7A, 7B, and 7D. e-f The up- (e) and down- (f) regulated significantly differentially expressed genes

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