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Table 2 Main proteins identified in the pan-proteome of fish-adapted GBS strains and their classification into different COG functional categories

From: Delineation of the pan-proteome of fish-pathogenic Streptococcus agalactiae strains using a label-free shotgun approach

COG Category Function Proteins
Cellular processes and signaling
 Cell cycle control, cell division, chromosome partitioning Cell division FtsL, FtsE, FtsZ and DivIVA
 Cell wall/membrane/envelope biogenesis Capsular polysaccharide biosynthesis CpsB, CpsC, CpsD, CpsG, NeuB, NeuC
Peptidoglycan biosynthesis MurA, MurD, MurE, MurF, MurG
Group B antigen RmlA, RmlB, RmlC
Multidrug resistance PbpX, Pbp1A, Pbp2A, DltB
Immunoreactive antigen PcsB, Sip
 Cell motility Transport Asp1, CglA
 Post-translational modification, protein turnover, and chaperones Heat shock GroL, GroS, GrpE, DnaK, DnaJ, CplX, CplP, HslO
Oxidative stress resistance Trx, TrxB, Thioredoxin, SufB, SufC
 Signal transduction mechanisms Two-component system CiaR, CovS/CovR, Stp1/Stk1
Stress response Universal stress protein
 Intracellular trafficking, secretion, and vesicular transport Protein translocation SecA, SecY
 Defense mechanisms Multidrug resistance EcsA, Beta-lactamase
Information storage and processing
 Translation, ribosomal structure and biogenesis 30S ribosomal proteins RpsJ, RpsS, RpsC, RpsQ, RpsH, RpsE, RpsM, RpsK, RpsO, RpsI, RpsT, RpsA, RpsP, RpsU, RpsR, RpsF, RpsN, RpsG, RpsL, RpsB, RpsD
50S ribosomal proteins RplC, RplD, RplW, RplB, RplV, RplP, RplN, RplX, RplE, RplF, RplR, RplO, RplQ, RplM, RplS, RplU, RplT, RplA, RplK, RpmC, RpmD, RpmB, RpmL, RpmG
 Transcription RNA polymerase RpoA, RpoB, RpoC, RpoE, RpoZ
Transcriptional regulators MutR, GntR, LysR, LacI, MarR, MerR, DeoR, TetR
 Replication, recombination and repair DNA replication DnaA, DnaN, GyrA, GyrB
DNA mismatch repair MutL, MutS
 Energy production and conversion Proton transporting AtpA, AtpC, AtpD, AtpF, AtpG
Pyruvate metabolism pdhC, TPP-dependent acetoin dehydrogenase complex, Branched-chain alpha-keto acid dehydrogenase subunit E2, Dihydrolipoyl dehydrogenase
 Amino acid transport and metabolism Arginine metabolism ArcA, ArcB, ArcC, ArcD, ArgF, ArgG, ArgH, ArgR, ArgS
Threonine metabolism Hom, ThrB, ThrC
Glycine metabolism GlyA
Glutamic acid metabolism AlaT
Glutamine metabolism GlnA
Serine metabolism SdhA, SdhB, SerB, SerC
Aspartic acid metabolism AsnA
Cysteine metabolism Cysteine desulfurase
Methionine metabolism MetK, MetN
 Nucleotide transport and metabolism Purine biosynthesis GuaC, PurA, PurB, PurC, PurD, PurE, PurF, PurH, PurK, PurM, PurN, PurR
Pyrimidine biosynthesis PyrC, PyrD, PyrE, PyrG, PyrH, PyrR
 Carbohydrate transport and metabolism Glycogen synthesis PgmA
Glycolytic pathway Eno, Pga, Pgk, TpiA
Pentose phosphate pathway AroD
PTS system 12 proteins involved in transport of ascorbate, glucose, beta-glucoside, lactose, mannose, galactitol and fructose
 Coenzyme transport and metabolism Riboflavin biosynthesis RibBA, RibD, RibE, RibH
 Lipid transport and metabolism Fatty acid biosynthesis AccD, FabD, FabF, FabG, FabH, FabT, FabZ
 Inorganic ion transport and metabolism Transporter Iron, Nickel, Ferrichrome, Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphate, Heme
Zinc metabolism Zinc-binding protein
Copper metabolism CutC
 Secondary metabolites biosynthesis, transport, and catabolism Multidrug resistance DltA, Bleomycin resistance protein
Poorly characterized
 General function prediction only Phenazine biosynthesis PhzF
 Mobilome Prophages Phage repressor protein
Transposons Transposase
 Function unknown Stress response Gls24, General stress protein