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Table 3 Putative vaccine targets for fish-adapted GBS strains identified by reverse vaccinology strategy using the expressed core proteome

From: Delineation of the pan-proteome of fish-pathogenic Streptococcus agalactiae strains using a label-free shotgun approach

Accession Cluster Protein Adhesin Probability
SaSA20_0144 Cluster0008 ABC transporter substrate-binding protein 0.552
SaSA20_0016 Cluster0032 PcsB protein 0.746
SaSA20_0031 Cluster0046 sip Group B streptococcal surface immunogenic protein 0.695
SaSA20_0155 Cluster0160 Membrane protein 0.545
SaSA20_0222 Cluster0210 Glycine/betaine ABC transporter substrate-binding protein 0.536
SaSA20_0262 Cluster0242 Amino acid ABC transporter substrate-binding protein 0.521
SaSA20_0270 Cluster0249 Penicillin-binding protein 1A 0.699
SaSA20_0443 Cluster0363 Peptidase S16 0.548
SaSA20_0646 Cluster0517 Cell wall surface anchor protein 0.548
SaSA20_0682 Cluster0548 Foldase protein PrsA 0.613
SaSA20_0761 Cluster0612 Hypothetical protein 0.586
SaSA20_0810 Cluster0648 Hypothetical protein 0.561
SaSA20_0950 Cluster0759 Hypothetical protein 0.581
SaSA20_0971 Cluster0779 Hypothetical protein 0.541
SaSA20_1003 Cluster0802 Zn-dependent protease 0.666
SaSA20_1090 Cluster0876 Choline binding protein D 0.538
SaSA20_1101 Cluster0885 ABC transporter substrate-binding protein 0.594
SaSA20_1126 Cluster0908 Membrane protein 0.638
SaSA20_1161 Cluster0932 Hypothetical protein 0.576
SaSA20_1201 Cluster0960 Glutamine ABC transporter permease 0.614
SaSA20_1259 Cluster1012 Manganese ABC transporter substrate-binding protein 0.570
SaSA20_1283 Cluster1027 Acyltransferase 0.540
SaSA20_1328 Cluster1069 ABC transporter substrate-binding protein 0.562
SaSA20_1357 Cluster1094 Lipoprotein 0.528
SaSA20_1358 Cluster1095 Amino acid ABC transporter substrate-binding protein 0.575
SaSA20_1625 Cluster1313 Phosphate-binding protein PstS 2 0.530
SaSA20_1659 Cluster1339 cAMP factor 0.610
SaSA20_1679 Cluster1357 Hypothetical protein 0.553
SaSA20_1731 Cluster1400 Membrane protein 0.669
SaSA20_1745 Cluster1413 Peptidoglycan-binding protein LysM 0.713
GBS_RS02350 Cluster1590 Cell wall surface anchor protein 0.573
SaSA20_0112 Cluster1592 rbsB D-ribose-binding protein 0.568
SaSA16_1063 Cluster1614 Hypothetical protein 0.571
SaSA53_1173 Cluster1726 fhuD Ferrichrome ABC transporter substrate-binding protein 0.527
GBS_RS11195 Cluster1752 Cell surface protein 0.527
GBS_RS03585 Cluster1754 Cell wall surface anchor protein 0.604
GBS_RS03520 Cluster1888 Acid phosphatase/phosphotransferase 0.596
GBS_RS05110 Cluster1920 BMP family ABC transporter substrate-binding protein 0.597