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Table 3 Top genes downregulated in the brain of male compared to female Amami spiny rats

From: Sexual dimorphism in brain transcriptomes of Amami spiny rats (Tokudaia osimensis): a rodent species where males lack the Y chromosome

Entrez ID Gene Symbol Gene Name Adjusted P value Fold Change
20,716 Serpina3n ref|XP_011242348.1| PREDICTED: serine protease inhibitor A3N isoform X1 [Mus musculus] 0.004689083 −10.4865403440309
19,374 Rag2 ref|NP_033046.1| V(D)J recombination-activating protein 2 [Mus musculus] 0.01269514 −8.06797724828624
17,345 Mki67 ref|XP_006507476.1| PREDICTED: antigen KI-67 isoform X3 [Mus musculus] 0.019586606 −8.81256385444814
12,062 Bdkrb2 ref|XP_011242293.1| PREDICTED: B2 bradykinin receptor isoform X1 [Mus musculus] 0.031873832 −6.98198805080256