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Table 3 Additional clusters currently under investigation

From: Peptimapper: proteogenomics workflow for the expert annotation of eukaryotic genomes

Cluster ID Contig Strand From To Strain Tot pep RNA data Genetic map Action Identification
113 sctg_117 D 265421 281797 EC494 10 ESTs+RNAseq LGUn probable new gene Esi0117_0046 similar sequence
179 sctg_136 D 16590 18641 EC494 3 ESTs+RNAseq LG16 Esi0136_0001 model correction Ferredoxin
750 sctg_346 D 52096 53724 EC494 3 RNAseq LG15 Esi0346_0010 model correction Esi0003_0041 similar sequence
1034 sctg_6 D 824608 831877 EC494 3 RNAseq LG04 Esi0006_0137 model correction Conserved unknown protein
1056 sctg_62 D 30800 38368 EC494 9 RNAseq LG16 Esi0062_0006 model correction Hypothetical protein
1072 sctg_634 D 21444 27984 EC494 3 ESTs+RNAseq LGUn probable new gene none
1154 sctg_77 D 414499 420533 EC494 3 No data LGUn probable new gene none
120 sctg_123 R 77652 82101 Ec32 4 RNAseq LG08 probable new gene none
220 sctg_150 D 399071 404913 Ec32 3 No data LG11 probable new gene none
777 sctg_43 R 146476 147692 Ec32 3 RNAseq LG03 Esi0043_0035 model correction Catalase
822 sctg_48 R 267223 267911 Ec32 5 RNAseq LG23 Esi0048_0051 model correction Hypothetical protein
492 sctg_253 D 215846 216917 Ec32 3 RNAseq LGUn probable new gene none
567 sctg_291 R 60813 65620 Ec32 3 RNAseq LG03 Esi0291_0011 model correction mTERF domain-containing protein
618 sctg_310 D 63974 71773 Ec32 3 RNAseq LGUn probable new gene none
697 sctg_365 R 137829 143627 Ec32 3 RNAseq LGUn probable new gene none
218 sctg_87 R 471174 478804 Ec410 3 No data LG26 probable new gene Retrotransposon integrase-like protein
  1. Identification of the clusters was obtained by Blast analysis. The contig and genetic map data correspond to the Ectocarpus sp. v1 genome annotation, showing supercontigs (sctg) and linkage groups (LG), respectively. Strain refers to the Ectocarpus sp. strain that was the origin of the protein samples. Action refers to the proposed correction of the current gene annotation according to the newly incorporated RNA data in the browser (RNA sequencing and ESTs) see Additional file 6