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Table 2 E. grandis mitochondrial genome gene content

From: The plastid and mitochondrial genomes of Eucalyptus grandis

Complex I nad1 (5*) nad2 (5*) nad3 nad4 (4) nad4L
nad5 (4*) nad6 nad7 (5) nad9  
Complex III cob     
Complex IV cox1 cox2 (2) cox3   
Complex V atp1 atp4 atp6 atp8 atp9
Cytochrome C biogenesis ccmB ccmC ccmFC (2) ccmFN  
Ribosomal large subunit rpl2 (2) rpl5 rpl10 rpl16a  
Ribosomal small subunit rps3 (2) rps4 rps7 rps10 (2) rps11
rps12 rps13 rps14   
Intron maturase matR     
Protein translocase mttB     
Other psbMpl     
rRNA genes 26S rRNA 18S rRNA 5S rRNA (×2)   
tRNA genes tRNA-Asn (×2)pl tRNA-Asppl tRNA-Cys tRNA-fMet (×2) tRNA-Gln
tRNA-Glupl tRNA-Gly tRNA-Hispl tRNA-Ile tRNA-Lys
tRNA-Met (×2)pl tRNA-Phe tRNA-Pro tRNA-Ser tRNA-Trppl
tRNA-Tyr (×2)pl     
  1. Genes with multiple exons are denoted with the number of exons shown in parenthesis, and trans-spliced genes are indicated with *. tRNAs underlying plastid transferred regions are indicated with pl. a Note that rpl16 is annotated as a pseudogene due to an internal stop codon, but this gene has an in-frame GUG present downstream from the ATG start codon, which may be used as a start codon as in other plant species