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Fig. 1

From: Meta-network: optimized species-species network analysis for microbial communities

Fig. 1

Network establishment and cluster analysis for species-species co-occurrence network. a Network construction. Based on the loose definition method (A.1), networks were constructed by two approaches. First, the direct correlations were detected and a graph-based algorithm (FS-Weight) was applied to detect indirect correlations (A.2). Second, the part mutual information was calculate, followed by a few rounds of adjustment based on Path Consistency Algorithm (PCA) until the network has no correlations added or removed (A.3). b Clustering analysis. Density MCODE clustering algorithm is applied to categorize the network into functionally or taxonomically enriched units. Hub nodes represent species connected to many other species and usually play key roles in the community. Databases curation and literature mining are used to annotate the clusters and hub nodes

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