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Fig. 3

From: Meta-network: optimized species-species network analysis for microbial communities

Fig. 3

Network constructed and comparison among networks constructed by Pearson, Loose definition, FS-Weight and PCA-PMI methods on genus level. a Global properties for the four methods. The properties including network density, cluster coefficient, total nodes and edges, specific nodes and edges for each network and average path length were calculated. b Global network alignment result. Vertical axis represents the different alignment quality score. Horizontal axis represents the different pairwise alignments results. The quality score is ordered by edge correctness (EC), induced conserved structure (ICS) and symmetric substructure score (S3). c Network similarity tree constructed by Jaccard Index. FS-Weight algorithm was chosen as root. Based on different construction process, network constructed by FS-Weight and PCA-PMI has similar structures. d Motif distributions of four network construction methods. The four-node motif ranked with top 5 frequencies were illustrated. The percentage represented the proportion of motif in the entire 4-node-network motif, and each color indicated one specific motif in different network construction method

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