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Table 5 The top 30 genes with differential expression reported using DESeq2 method

From: OMICfpp: a fuzzy approach for paired RNA-Seq counts

ENSEMBL ID Gene symbol Synonyms CRC status Other cancer
ENSG00000142959 BEST4 VMD2L2 New New
ENSG00000183034 OTOP2 - New New
ENSG00000167767 KRT80 KB20 Known [96] Known [97]
ENSG00000168748 CA7 CAVII, CA-VII Known [111] New
ENSG00000062038 CDH3 CDHP, HJMD, PCAD Known [28] Known [125]
ENSG00000175832 ETV4 E1AF, PEA3, E1A-F, PEAS3 Known [114] Known [115]
ENSG00000164283 ESM1 endocan Known [94] Known [110]
ENSG00000103888 CEMIP CCSP1, HYBID, TMEM2L, KIAA1199, IR2155535 Known [122] Known [122]
ENSG00000060718 COL11A1 STL2, COLL6, CO11A1 Known [63] Known [64]
ENSG00000164379 FOXQ1 HFH1 Known [129] Known [130]
ENSG00000105989 WNT2 IRP, INT1L1 Known [112] Known [113]
ENSG00000163347 CLDN1 CLD1, SEMP1, ILVASC Known [123] Known [124]
ENSG00000122641 INHBA EDF, FRP Known [131] Known [132]
ENSG00000133742 CA1 CAB, CA-I, Car1, HEL-S-11 Known [142] Known [143]
ENSG00000170373 CST1 - Known [140] Known [141]
ENSG00000269404 SPIB SPI-B Known [102] Known [144]
ENSG00000105464 GRIN2D EB11, NR2D, EIEE46, GluN2D, NMDAR2D Known [145] Known [146]
ENSG00000044012 GUCA2B - Known [60] New
ENSG00000163815 CLEC3B TN, TNA Known [127] Known [128]
ENSG00000182271 TMIGD1 TMIGD, UNQ9372 New Known [147]
ENSG00000103375 AQP8 AQP-8 Known [148] Known [149]
ENSG00000111846 GCNT2 II, CCAT, IGNT, ULG3, GCNT5, GCNT2C, NACGT1, NAGCT1, CTRCT13, bA421M1.1, bA360O19.2 Known [150] Known [151]
ENSG00000016602 CLCA4 CaCC, CaCC2 Known [152] Known [153]
ENSG00000178773 CPNE7 - New Known [154]
ENSG00000214039 LINC02418 - New New
ENSG00000123500 COL10A1 - Known [155] Known [156]
ENSG00000137673 MMP7 MMP-7, MPSL1, PUMP-1 Known [157] Known [158]
ENSG00000129474 AJUBA JUB, MGC15563 Known [120] Known [121]
ENSG00000135549 PKIB PRKACN2 New Known [159]
ENSG00000120254 MTHFD1L DKFZP586G1517, FLJ21145, FTHFSDC1, MTC1THFS, dJ292B18.2 Known [116] Known [117]
  1. The term “known” is assigned if the gene has been previously reported as differentially expressed in colorectal cancer (CRC) or in other types of cancer, otherwise “New” is used. The genes reported in common by OMICfpp with an orness value of 0.37 and 0.93, edgeR and DESeq2 are in bold entries