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Table 3 KRT genes from KRT family differentially expressed in the skin of short-hair and long-hair rabbits. The keratin filament (GO:0045095) and intermediate filament (GO:0005882) in the cellular component category were enriched by KRT7 and KRT34, respectively. The epithelial cell differentiation (GO:0030855) in the biological process category was enriched by KRT40

From: Analyses of histological and transcriptome differences in the skin of short-hair and long-hair rabbits

Gene symbol Type log2FoldChange FDR GO term
KRT7 II 2.390336 4.68E-05 keratin filament (GO:0045095)
KRT23 I 1.250867 0.005003 NG
KRT25 I 2.695538 4.30E-05 NG
KRT26 I 3.158961 2.08E-05 NG
KRT28 I 2.377374 0.002598 NG
KRT34 I 3.512258 8.31E-10 intermediate filament (GO:0005882)
KRT38 I 3.924441 3.98E-07 NG
KRT39 I 2.660676 1.92E-06 NG
KRT40 I 2.310793 4.14E-05 epithelial cell differentiation (GO:0030855)
KRT84 II 3.162653 1.44E-13 NG