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Table 4 The DEGs enriched in the pathways related to skin development between short-hair and long-hair rabbits

From: Analyses of histological and transcriptome differences in the skin of short-hair and long-hair rabbits

Pathway DEGs
Up Down
ECM-receptor interaction   CHAD, COL1α2, COL3α1, COL5α2, COL5α3, FN1, ITGB3, LAMA4, LAMC3, LOC103346304, SPP1, THBS2, TNN, TNXB, VWF
Basal cell carcinoma FZD5, GLI1, HHIP, LEF1, LOC100355594, PTCH1, PTCH2, SHH, TCF7, WNT11, WNT5A  
Hedgehog signalling pathway GLI1, HHIP, LOC100341681, PTCH1, PTCH2, SHH, WNT11, WNT5A GAS1,
TGF-beta signalling pathway BAMBI, BMP7, LOC100008826, PPP2R1B, LOC100341360, LOC103347033, SMAD6, SMAD7, SMAD9, TGFBR2, TGFB3, INHBA,
Wnt signalling pathway BAMBI, FZD5, LEF1, LOC100341681, LOC100355594, TCF7, WNT11, WNT5A DAAM2, DKK2,
Notch signalling pathway   DTX3L, DTX4