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Fig. 2

From: Human genes escaping X-inactivation revealed by single cell expression data

Fig. 2

The distribution of the allelic ratio (AR) for each SNP as a fraction of the assignments for Alternative (Alt) out of Alt and Reference (Ref) alleles. The X-axis in the top histograms ranges from 0 to 1.0, where 0 indicates that all assignments are associated with the Ref allele and 1 indicates all assignments for the Alt allele. As the majority of the iSNPs are assigned with AR values of 0 or 1, each analysis is shown by two histograms. The lower histogram focuses on non-monoallelic iSNPs and covers all AR values excluding the AR = 0 and AR = 1. The percentage of iSNPs that are included in the lower histograms are shown. The distributions of the AR are shown for Chr17 (a), Autosomal chromosomes (b), ChrX (c) and imprinted genes (d). For source data, see Additional file 3: Table S2

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