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Fig. 4

From: Human genes escaping X-inactivation revealed by single cell expression data

Fig. 4

A gene-centric partition of alleles from lymphoblast cells. a For each gene on ChrX, the iSNPs parental partition is shown along with the number of iSNPs. For clarity, only genes that are supported by > = 2 iSNPS are listed. A total of 93 genes in ChrX are listed by their order on the chromosome. The color code is according to the iSNP labels as paternal, maternal and balanced expression. For the source data, see Additional file 5: Table S4. b-c Correlation between the expression levels from the paternal and maternal alleles. The scatter plots show the expression levels of genes by the number of reads associated with maternal (x-axis) and paternal (y-axis) alleles. The number of analyzed genes for each scatter plot is indicated (on the x-axis, in parenthesis). Data shown are from Chr17 (b) and ChrX (c) based on single cells and Pool100. Note that the number of reads for the Pool100 data is 10-fold less with respect to the cumulative data extracted from single cells. For the source data, see Additional file 4: Table S3

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