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Fig. 1

From: Sex differences in gene regulation in the dorsal root ganglion after nerve injury

Fig. 1

Schematic diagram of experimental procedures. Male and female rats were randomly assigned to the naïve group or receive CCI. Total RNA was isolated from the L4-L6 DRG of naïve rats and on day 14 after CCI to the sciatic nerve. Libraries were constructed after poly(A) selection and sequenced. RNA-seq was performed on ipsilateral L4-L6 DRGs from each animal. Differentially expressed genes (DEG), defined as genes expressed after CCI versus naïve with a |log2fold change (FC)| > 0.5 and an FDR < 0.05 were compared between male and female rats. DRG = dorsal root ganglion; CCI = chronic constriction injury. Line art of rat in this figure and herein were drawn by KES

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