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Fig. 9

From: De novo transcriptome assembly of the cubomedusa Tripedalia cystophora, including the analysis of a set of genes involved in peptidergic neurotransmission

Fig. 9

Phylogenetic tree analysis of four human opsins together with the five opsins identified in the transcriptome from T. cystophora (marked in yellow) and the two opsins from A. alata (marked in green). The tree has been rooted with the Drosophila mGlu receptor CG2114. The numbers given after the abbreviations Tcy and Aal refer to the ones given in Additional file 9. The T. cystophora opsin Tcy32089 is expressed in the lense-eye, supporting that it is a functional opsin [73]. It can be seen that two opsins from T. cystophora have close orthologues in A. alata. See additional file 9 for GenBank Data Bank accession numbers of the cubomedusan opsins, and Methods for the accession numbers of the human opsins

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