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Fig. 1

From: Cardiomyogenic differentiation is fine-tuned by differential mRNA association with polysomes

Fig. 1

Polysome profiling of hESC during cardiomyogenic differentiation. (a) Schematic representation of cardiomyogenic differentiation protocol indicating developmental stages and timing of sample collection. (b) Flow cytometry analysis of D4 (CD56), D9 (eGFP) or D15 (cTnT and eGFP) differentiating cells. Representative dot plots (n = 3). (c) Representative images of EBs during differentiation showing NKX2–5/eGFP expression on D15 (top panel) and immunostaining of cTNI on D20 (bottom panel). Cells were co-stained with DAPI to visualize the nucleus. (d) Representative polysome profile obtained by sucrose gradient of cells at distinct time-points of differentiation (n = 3). Ribosome-free (red) and polysome (blue) fractions are indicated. Correspondence analysis (COA) of (e) all sequenced samples (total 30 samples), (f) ribosome-free and (g) polysome-bound samples at days D0, D1, D4, D9 and D15 (n = 3). See also Additional file 2: Figure S1

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