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Fig. 6

From: Cardiomyogenic differentiation is fine-tuned by differential mRNA association with polysomes

Fig. 6

Non-DEGs showed differences on polysome recruitment and dissociation on D1 vs. D4 and D4 vs. D9. (a) Venn diagram and (b) GO EnrichR BP enriched terms of polysome recruitment (FDR < 0.05, logFC> 2) or dissociation (FDR < 0.05, logFC<− 2) for non-DEG based on polysome/ribosome-free ratio. (c) Polysome/ribosome-free ratio variation of the Notch and Wnt pathways genes during cardiomyocyte differentiation (FDR < 0.05, − 2 > logFC> 2). See also Additional file 2: Figure S8

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