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Fig. 2

From: Array CGH-based detection of CNV regions and their potential association with reproduction and other economic traits in Holsteins

Fig. 2

Manhattan plots of example associated CNVs for multiple complex traits and the CNV-overlapped genes a CNVR661 (chr3: 99,808,706 - 99,846,316) was significantly associated with seven traits including reproduction (Net_Merit, productive life [Prod_Life], daughter pregnancy rate [Dtr_Preg_Rate], heifer conception rate [Heifer_Conc_Rate], livability), milk production (Protein yield [Protein]), body conformation (Rump_width). b CNVR213 (chr15: 42,483,000 - 42,495,000) was markedly associated to six complex traits including reproduction (Dtr_Preg_Rate, Heifer_Conc_Rate, cow conception rate [Cow_Conc_Rate]), body status (dairy form, udder depth), and milk production (Milk yield [Milk]). Negative log10-transformed P values from a genome-wide scan are plotted against genomic coordinates on 29 autosomal chromosomes. c Expression pattern of CYP4A11 gene across 91 cattle tissues. d Expression pattern of CTR9 gene across 91 cattle tissues

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