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Fig. 4

From: Transcriptional profiling of PPARα−/− and CREB3L3−/− livers reveals disparate regulation of hepatoproliferative and metabolic functions of PPARα

Fig. 4

PPARα and CREB3L3 mostly regulate distinct genes in liver in the fasted state. Comparative gene expression analysis in liver of wild-type, PPARα−/−, CREB3L3−/−, and combined PPARα/CREB3L3−/− mice after a 16-h fast, showing the top 50 most highly downregulated genes in CREB3L3−/− mice (left panel), PPARα−/− mice (middle panel), and combined PPARα/CREB3L3−/− (right panel) in the form a heatmap, using the mean expression of each group. Red indicates upregulated, blue indicates downregulated

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