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Fig. 9

From: Transcriptional profiling of PPARα−/− and CREB3L3−/− livers reveals disparate regulation of hepatoproliferative and metabolic functions of PPARα

Fig. 9

CREB3L3 deficiency during ketogenic diet leads to downregulation of PPARα targets. a Top 20 downregulated genesets in liver of CREB3L3−/− mice compared with wild-type mice, determined by geneset enrichment analysis and ranked according to normalized enrichment score (NES) (blue). The NES of the same genesets for the comparison between wild-type and PPARα−/− (red) or combined PPARα/CREB3L3−/− (purple) mice is shown as well. b Comparative gene expression analysis in liver of wild-type, PPARα−/−, CREB3L3−/−, and combined PPARα/CREB3L3−/− mice after a 4-day ketogenic diet. The genes shown are the 20 most highly enriched genes in CREB3L3−/− mice vs. wild-type mice that are part of the geneset PPARΑ targets. Red indicates upregulated, blue indicates downregulated. c Mean PPARα mRNA expression level in liver of wild-type and CREB3L3−/− mice after a 4-day ketogenic diet. Asterisk indicates significantly different from wild-type mice according to Student’s t-test (P < 0.001)

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