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Table 5 Specific signatures in 16S rRNA nucleotide sequences to discriminate X. fastidiosa subspecies

From: Identification of genetic relationships and subspecies signatures in Xylella fastidiosa

X. fastidiosa subsp. (nb of genome sequences) SNPs at the designed positionsa
75a 76 151 455 474 1127 1264 1340
fastidiosa (n = 13) C A C G G A C
morus (n = 2) C A C G T A C
multiplex (n = 10) C A T A G G C
sandyi (n = 1)b C A T A T G A C
sandyi-like (n = 2)c T A C A G G C
pauca (n = 18) C G T A G A T
  1. arefers to SNP positions within the alignment of the copies of 16S rRNA (Additional file 4)
  2. brefers to Ann-1strain only
  3. crefers to strains CFBP 8356 and CO33 strains