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Table 1 Observed frequencies of read mis-assignment in controls

From: Reliable multiplex sequencing with rare index mis-assignment on DNB-based NGS platform

Experiments Mis-assignment causes Index # Total reads mapped to 8 gene regions Mis-assignment rate per index
Repeat 1 Repeat 2 Repeat 3
Experimental groups N.A. Barcode 1–8 41,686,373 44,974,964 42,874,988 N.A.
Empty controls Physical barcode hopping Barcode 33–40 9 14 6 1 in 36 million reads
Balancing library controls Total mis-assignments occur after ssCir Barcode 41–48 612 650 724 1 in 0.5 million reads
All groups All above All indexes above 41,686,994 44,975,628 42,875,718 N.A.
  1. Experimental groups, WGS-like libraries prepared separately using indexes 1 to 8; empty controls, indexes 33–40 and reagents used but without sample DNA; balancing library controls, samples prepared and indexed with indexes 41–48 independently and pooled with test samples after ssCir formation; all groups, total reads of all the indexes. Reads were presented after applying a Q30 > 60% filter