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Fig. 11

From: Low coverage sequencing for repetitive DNA analysis in Passiflora edulis Sims: citogenomic characterization of transposable elements and satellite DNA

Fig. 11

Chromosome mapping of LTR retrotransposons clusters in Passiflora edulis (2n = 18). Hybridization profiles observed in: CLs 6 and 11 classified as element Ty3/Gypsy/Chromovirus (a, b); CLs 86 and 94 as element Ty1/Copy/Maximus-SIRE (c, d); CLs 36 and 135 as element Ty3/Gypsy/Athila (e, f); CL 43 as element Ty1/Copy/Angela (g) (Bar = 10 μm)

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