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Table 2 Gene clusters obtained from the expression analysis of 192 biomineralization-related genes (genes were listed sequentially from Figure 6)

From: Gene expression profiles at different stages for formation of pearl sac and pearl in the pearl oyster Pinctada fucata

Gene cluster 1 Group A ACCBP1b, Alkaline phosphatase, ML1A2, Calmodulinp, Tyrosinasep, 000058 mRNA for hypothetical protein, AP-24n, PfTyp, PfTy1b, KRMP-10p, Shematrin-7b, Shematrin-5b, Shematrin-2betab, Shematrin-3b, PFMG5b, Prismin-2p, C-type lectin 2, Incilarin A, PmCHST11bn, PfCB/chitobiasep, Tyr-1
Group B Aspeinp, Cement-like proteinp, SGMP1, PfCN, GRMPb, MSI7b, Shematrin-2b, Shematrin-8b, Pmshem-3 for shematrin, Pmshem-2 for shematrin, Shematrin-1b, Shematrin-9b, PFMG10b, MPN88p, Prismalin-14p, PUSP-20p, MSI30/MSI2p, shematrin-2alphab, CLP1 protein, MPNb, Pfp-16 for hypothetical protein, Pmshem-1 for shematrin, Shematrin-6b, Prismin-1p, Tyrosinase-2p, KRMP-1p, Lustrin An, KRMP-3p, 000118 mRNA for prism uncharacterized shell protein 18 like, KRMP-2p, MSI31p, KRMP-7p, MPN88-lack6, MPN88-lack7, KRMP-4p, Perlucinn, Prisilkin-39p, Regucalcin, KRMP-8p, KRMP-11p, N14#3.pron,, 000200 mRNA for hypothetical protein, KRMP-5p, KRMP-6p, KRMP-9p, N16–3/N14#4.pron, Calconectin, C-type lectin 1
Group C Chitin binding protein, PfCHS1n, N19-2n, NSPI-5n, 000081 mRNA for Glycine-rich protein 2 like, NUSP-6n, Linkinen, MSI25 (hypothetical protein), NUSP-3n, N19n, Pif177n, MSI60/insoluble proteinn, MSI60RPn, NUSP-17n, N16–1/N14#1.pron, N16-7n, Pearlinn, MRNP34n, MSI80n, N36/33, Nacreinb, N45, N66b, N14#7.pron, N16-6n, N16–2/N14#2.pron, Lectin
Gene cluster 2 Group D AP-1, MSP-1, N151, PfBAMBI, BMP-2, BMP-R2, M45, N44, Pf-POU2F1, Cathepsin B, Dermatopontinn, BMP-1B, Calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase I, PfBMPR1B, Homeobox protein-4, BMP-2B, Paramyosin, BMP-7b, Calcineurin B subunit, Chitinase 3, L-type voltage-dependent calcium channel beta subunit, Putative uncharacterized protein F18, PfMSXn, TFG beta signaling pathway factor, Calreticulinp, PfSMAD4, PfDlxn, PfYY-1, 67kD laminin receptor precursor, Plasma membrane calcium ATPase, Ferritin-like protein, PfY2, 000031 mRNA for hypothetical protein, 000145 mRNA for hypothetical protein, Chitin synthase 1b, SPI (serine proteinase inhibitor), PfSp8-like protein 1, Matrix metalloproteinase, Metallothionein-2, 000194 mRNA for hypothetical protein, SERCA isoform C, Perlwapin-like proteinn, Pfu000096, BMP-1, SCP-a, SCP-b, Calponin-like protein, Neuronal calcium sensor-1, Calcium-dependent protein kinase, SERCA isoform A, Voltage-dependent L-type calcium channel alpha-1 subunit isoform c, Carbonic anhydrase II, SPARC, Veliger mantle 1, Pf-POU3F4, Metallothionein, PFMG11b, PFMG2b, N16–5/N14#5.pron, PFMG9b, Calmodulin-like protein, BMP-4, Jacalin-related lectin PPL2-a, PFMG3p, Carbonic anhydrase precursor, N23n, PFMG8, Fam20cn, EFCBP, CHST11n, PmCHST11an, Incilarin C, EP protein precursor, PfChi1/chitinase 1, PFMG1, PFMG6b, PMMG1n, PFMG7b, PmRuntn, PFMG4b, PFMG12, Tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinase, AP-7n, BMP-3, PfTy2p, BMSP, ML1A1, Engrailed, 000066 mRNA for hypothetical protein, Ferritin, ML7A7, Mucoperlinn, Perlucin 7n, Wnt-1, Wnt-6, Shematrin-4b
  1. Different superscript letters indicate genes that are involved in the formation of different shell layers. ‘p’: prismatic layer forming gene, ‘n’: nacreous layer forming gene and ‘b’: both layer forming gene