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Fig. 2

From: Genetic background modifies phenotypic and transcriptional responses in a C. elegans model of α-synuclein toxicity

Fig. 2

Development time varies with genetic background in C. elegans ILs constitutively expressing α-synuclein. a Boxplot of development measured by time until first egg-laying showing developmental delay of α-synuclein expressing lines and variation between genotypes (ANOVA: aS effect p < 2e-8; Genotype p < 2e-8; aS x Genotype Interaction p < 0.0002; Tukey HSD: N2 p = 0.96; JU1511 p = 0.88; JU1926 p < 0.008; JU1931 p = 0.98; JU1941 p < 1e-6, with significant differences between genotypes indicated by the stars). b Scatterplot of the relation between estimated age at transcriptomics sampling and the development time. Estimated age difference was determined based on the expression levels of class I age responsive genes from Snoek et al. [41], which show a linear increase in expression during development between 46 and 54 h. The points represent the mean and the lines indicate the standard error

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