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Fig. 4

From: Development of drug-inducible CRISPR-Cas9 systems for large-scale functional screening

Fig. 4

Genome-wide lethality screens using drug-inducible sgRNA expression constructs. (b) Schematic overview of proliferation-based negative-selection screening. (b) Normalized sgRNA read count distributions for essential and nonessential genes across different samples. CPM, counts per million. (c) Fold changes of normalized sgRNA read counts between cells after outgrowth and the original plasmid DNA. (d) Scatter plots showing the correlation between the lethality scores of essential (orange) and nonessential (green) genes in the screen using constitutive sgRNA library with those in the screens using inducible sgRNA libraries in the absence or presence of chemical inducers. Pearson correlation coefficient r values for essential genes are shown. (e) ROC curves indicating screen performance in identifying essential genes by comparing the library composition between the plasmid library and cells after >‚ÄČ10 population doublings. True positive rates and false positive rates were calculated using a gold-standard set of essential and nonessential genes. The ROC curves are based on the FDR. AUC, area under the curve

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